Black Friday: It is okay to stay in

My Hat is only $16!
ARCTIC Paw Cable Knit Beanie with Faux Fur Pompom

Joggers are from Target for only 19!
Size: Small
Women’s Cozy Jogger Pajama Pants – Gilligan & O’Malley

Apple watch band is only 16!
Leopard Print Watch Band

Before I start, do not get me wrong here. I love shopping just as much as any other chick. Black Friday is a fantastic day to hit the stores and find some AMAZING DEALS. So if you are one of them who does the Black Friday deal, more power to you!! 

Thank you to all of the more experienced bloggers who provided some of the Black Friday deals that are going on this weekend. Ya’ll are great! It was super helpful for my online shopping.

Instead of posting Black Friday deals for you guys though, I wanted to do a blog post about why is it okay to NOT go out on Black Friday and just chill in your Pajamas and watch low budget Christmas movies, which BTW there are hundreds that Netflix and Hulu put out today. 

Lets be real. The Holidays are one of the best and most stressful time of year. For me, I get so overwhelmed on my Christmas shopping and every year I try to start in early November so then by December I am just chilling and not as broke. 

So why is it okay to stay in on Black Friday Megan??

Well because for starts…

  1. It is crazy. Like very crazy. I did not want to run all over Walmart and be shoved around by moms (bless their souls) running around trying to find the best toy deals. 
  2. Why get up early after you just shoved a years worth of food into your gut the day before? Wake up when you want to wake up, make a nice cup of coffee, throw on your joggers, or just keep wearing what you already were sleeping in and be happy.
  3.  Although there are great deals, sometimes you just end up buying things that you do not need and spend more money then you intended. “Buy one get one half off” Did ya’ll really need two of the same frying pans in the first place? Maybe, but if not you just spent an extra $29.99 than you intended to.
  4. Last but not least, it is important to remember that even though the holidays are fun, material items are not everything. When we get caught up in it, we forget the true meaning of the holidays. Instead take this day to work on self-care, spend it with family eating leftover pie, and give away a bunch of clothing you do not need to someone else who needs it! 

I hope this post helped some of you feel better about choosing to stay in on Black Friday! 

Also remember Small Business Saturday is tomorrow and if you are going to shop, support your local businesses! 

And don’t forget Cyber Monday! Who doesn’t like shopping from their couch?!

Here is some actual footage of me doing just that today.

10 thoughts on “Black Friday: It is okay to stay in

  1. I will be taking advantage of cyber Monday. I use to go with my mom Black Friday shopping but with all the fights and everything, it spikes my anxiety, so no thank you. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I’m still so full.

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  2. I like what you show on your site!! I am definitely going to buy that hat! It’s cute and warm. I support you and everything you do! Love your Mom

    Liked by 1 person

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