Christmas Parties- My Favorite Kind of Parties!

Bella Italia 

It certainly is “the most wonderful time of the year!” I love Christmas parties so much, especially when that means great company, amazing food, and beautiful decor! It is even better when I am not the one doing all of the cooking and baking! Don’t worry, that will come soon when I do my friend’s Christmas party lol. 

Any way! I wanted to share with you guys some of the photos that I got from my work Christmas party! Also, I wanted to share with you guys some of the fun things we did and also give some ideas for your next Christmas Party!

I have two different jobs right now as I finish up my final year in my undergrad. I have my internship where I travel on the weekends to work with Military families, and then I have my on-campus job where I am a supervisor for Southeast Telefund. I LOVE both of my jobs and I am so blessed to have such great experiences during my college career. 

Since we are wrapping up a great semester, my job at Southeast Telefund had our annual end of the year winter banquet at our favorite place, Bella Italia here in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. We love the service that this restaurant provides and the ability to rent out a private room. Not to mention, the food is SO GOOD.

  1. One fun idea that we did for our work Christmas party was a Secret Santa. I love this idea because it includes everyone while also keeping cost down. It also serves as something fun to do at the party and is a way to bond. We did a $10 budget since we are all college students, but you can make it less or more! Make sure to let it be optional and not everyone has to participate. My suggestion is that, a few days prior to the party, have everyone write their names on a piece of paper and also list a few things that would like, such as favorite candy. Then a facilitator can fix up the hat and have each participant pick from the hat. Make sure they do not get themselves obviously. There are also many Secret Santa generators that are so helpful! My favorite part about secret Santa is watching everyone, one at a time, open their gifts and not know who got them it until after opening everything! 
  2. Do some type of activity. At parties, it is important to not just have food and nothing else planned for guest to do. I suggest doing a ginger bread house, or making ornaments. You can also do some fun type of game that involves everyone!
  3. Food! For our banquet, no one had to cook and we just had food catered to us. That was so nice, but for your average Christmas party, it can be pricey. I suggest not doing a full out meal and just having desserts and appetizers. It is way less work on the host! If you do want a full out meal, do something like a pot-luck! 

Here are some more pictures from my Christmas Party! I had such an awesome time with some amazing people. I am so blessed to have such a fantastic work family. 

Jeans are on sale $28 originally $50 from Macy’s
I could not find my sweater, but I found one similar for only $25! 

4 thoughts on “Christmas Parties- My Favorite Kind of Parties!

  1. I love the way the Christmas party looked, from the decorations, to the food, and the secret santa idea! It’s inexpensive and everybody gets something nice out of it! Great job Megan!! Your Mom is behind all the way on your blog!

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