Bloody Mary Gallery: The Love of my Life

Port Cape, Cape Girardeau Missouri

For starts, can we talk about how ridiculous it is that my blog’s name is called “Boots & Bloody Marys” but I don’t even have a single picture of a Bloody Mary?! I don’t even know how that happend. It also astonishes me how I don’t have a SINGLE picture with a Bloody Mary in my camera roll. Nope. None. Every time I bring up this dilemma, everyone is so shocked that this Bloody Mary and picture fanatic doesn’t have a picture with one!

So, that is going to change. I promise I will post more about these amazing cups of heaven and share with you guys my favorite types, recipes, places to get the best, and photos with me holding one every once and a while! Also, what food to pair with it (honestly would eat just about anything with them).

I went ahead and created a “Bloody Marys” tab that will have plenty of posts about them!

While I work on that, enjoy some snap shots of some of my yummy savory drinks! Featuring my drinking partner and second love of my life 😉

2 thoughts on “Bloody Mary Gallery: The Love of my Life

  1. I will forever take credit on giving you your first Bloody Mary. LOL! Can’t wait to see more posts about Bloody Marys because they are my favorite drink, too!! ❤

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