Winter Graduation

Black Dress
Crossbody Purse (similar)
Black Booties

Tis the season to celebrate and be surrounded by family! This passed weekend, I got to see my older sister Jenny, graduate from the University of Illinois with her Master’s Degree in Champagne, Illinois. I am so proud of her. She truly is someone who pursuits her dreams. I can only hope to be half the women she is.

It is still so weird to me to think about the fact that she is 24 and I am 22. It still feels like yesterday we were playing Barbies in the woods and listening to the Hilary Duff CD in our boom boxes. Lately, I have been trying to appreciate every moment and live each day like it is my last. I know that is very deep, but you never know when and if you will see some of the most important people in your life again. I am so happy to have outlets like this blog, and other social media to update my friends and family with the exciting things going on in my life. 

I wanted to share with you guys some of the graduations photos that I got over the weekend, as well as some pictures around the town of Champagne. Also, my outfit is a perfect idea for winter graduations, or other important functions during the winter. It is less of a Christmas, new years party look, and is more appropriate for important occasions!

Some suggestions that I have for you guys would be a loose fitted black dress, or black skirt, black tights underneath (to hide those white winter legs), and a pop of red or color. I wore all black with a maroon coat for a little more color. It is a classy, and appropriate look for the occasion.  Bellow I will post some other winter special occasion ideas, as well as my own pictures!

2 thoughts on “Winter Graduation

  1. I was so thrilled and happy to see the graduation pics from Jenny’s graduation as I missed it. Also liked the choice of clothes you wore to her graduation! You looked classy and elegant at the same time! Again, thanks for the pics and I agree with you about live your day to the fullest as I know that from experiences in life. So proud of both of you as I see you both as mature young ladies!

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