My Best Friend is Engaged!!

I am jumping for joy still because my best friend Michaela got engaged on Christmas Eve!! I wanted to do a post to share with you guys this exciting news and how the night went down! Her fiance, Drake, is the most thoughtful guy and really made sure this night went perfect.

I was hosting our annual friendsmas at my house along with my friends Jessi, Michaela, and Juli. We all planned to eat yummy holiday appetizers, drink wine, and open the gifts that we got each other. At first, we just planned to keep it low key and wear cute PJ’s and live in the moment. But the groom-to-be, Drake, reached out to us asking if he could surprise her with a proposal on Christmas Eve! What better time?! Michaela wanted all of her friends to be there to document their special moment, and nothing is more romantic than a Christmas Eve proposal. Also, the next day, the happy couple will be with their families to show off the ring!

So, the PJ idea had to go. We had to come up with a not-so-obvious reason as to why we changed the clothing from PJ’s to dresses. Since Michaela was already a little suspicious, we had to be sneaky about it and make up some type of excuse. Lol. We also came up with some type of reason to take her to get her nails done, without her thinking anything of it. That was hard, because everyone knows that getting your nails done screams “hey you might be getting engaged soon!”

So, now that everyone was dressed the part, Drake planned to come to my house for the party early to put a gift and card for her hidden under the tree and rehearse the proposal. He had to turn off his phone so his location was hidden, and so she would have no idea that Drake was at my house, hiding in the basement, waiting for the right time to propose. He ended up sitting in the basement for almost two hours after Michaela arrived. What dedication!

Below are some pictures we took before the proposal. The whole time Michaela had no idea the her future husband was here waiting to propose!

Once all of our gifts were opened, I grabbed the gift from Drake that was under the tree. We tried to play it off like it was a gift that we had for her that we just forgot about. It did not take long for her to open it and realize that it was from her boyfriend of six years. The gift was a Beauty and the Beast book that read a beautiful message. As she read the message, I played their song, “Hey, Soul Sister” by Train to give Drake his cue to come up stairs and surprise her by getting down on one knee.

It truly was an emotional, sweet moment to see our best friend be proposed to by the man who has been by her side since they were 15. I am so happy that they have each other for the rest of their lives. I know they will have a life full of love and happiness forever. I watched their love grow all of these years, and I am so blessed to be apart of this special night. I love you guys so much and cannot wait to be a bridesmaid along side Jessi and Juli 😉

Here are some pictures of the special moment! I hope you guys enjoyed hearing about this and had an amazing Christmas filled with love and family!

4 thoughts on “My Best Friend is Engaged!!

  1. Omg I love this ❤️ Thank you so much for being a part of this night and helping my *fiance* (can’t believe that still) plan this ❤️ I’ll never forget who was a part of this night! I love you, Meg!!

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  2. I really liked seeing you all celebrating Michaela’s engagement!! That truly was a special night for her and her fiancee! Also was a special night for you Megan and your friends to help make their night truly special as well!! I really liked hearing about it and all the pictures too!

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