My Favorite Makeup Products

A few people have asked for a makeup product list from me. I am not too sure why, as my makeup routine is very simple and I have no idea how to do all those pretty eye shadows. But here it is!! These are some of my favorite everyday go-to makeup products right now! It varies and changes every once and a while but I have been using most of these items for a while now and I love them for a simple, everyday look.

These products all range in different prices. Some are high-end, while others can be purchased at any drug store. If you have any recommendations for me to improve my makeup routine please let me know, as I am still learning new things from other bloggers!


The thing I love most about this little guy is that it creates a luminous glow even before putting on foundation or highlight. It is so creamy and goes a long way since you do not need to use too much product. I just dab a little on my checks, under eyes, forehead, and nose.


Clinique has really been the only foundation that I have ever used so I do not have much to compare it to besides Walmart brands. However, why fix what is not broken am I right? I barley use any of this, so it last FOREVER. Seriously, I can not even remember the last time I purchased it. I like that it comes with an application so you really only need to dab one or two dabs on your trouble areas. I just put a little on my cheeks where I have some stubborn acne marks. This covers up them beautifully. It not only have coverage, but it also gives my skin a dewy, even glow.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

I could not find a pretty picture of the shade that I use, I believe this is the tan shade, and I use the light to medium. I swear by this kit. I seriously could not live without it. I use the lighter colors for more of a concealer rather than a highlight because it covers like magic and pairs so well with my foundation. I just dab a little on my trouble spots, and use the lightest color on my nose for a highlight, and I use the yellow color under my eyes. It is a cream base too which I love and it is very waxy, for a lack of better words, and smooth. I use the “light sculpt” brown color in the middle for my contour on my check bones, hairline, chin, and a little on my nose. It is a little pricey, but last at least six months for me, and the browns last forever because you barley need any of it for the contouring.


Everyone goes crazy over this stuff, so I gave it a go when it came in one of my Ipsy Bags. I am all about doing great things for under the eyes, and this guy just sets my cream perfectly. I let it bake for a little while I set the rest of my face with my other powder, then blend it in.

I have been using this thing for so so long. Again, another don’t fix what isn’t broken situation. It is not expensive at all and it comes in a very nice package with a brush for on the go. I apply this all over my face to set my makeup. I use a fat brush and love how it provides coverage and ties my makeup together without it looking chalky. Sometimes, when I am in a hurry, I can just use this, bronzer, and a little mascara and it still covers so well on its own.


Yep. That is right. I use a $4 bronzer. I tried it one day when it was still sold at Walmart and was hooked ever since. There is something about it that is just so magical haha. It is luminous, makes me look tan without looking orange, and even sort of covers blemishes. They stopped carrying it in the stores at Walmart, but I have seen it at Target. I order online from the e.l.f site, and it is so affordable but so good.

A little more upscale, but so good too. It is what it claims to be and keeps me from looking orange as well! I love the packaging it too. I use this when I am feeling extra and want to add a little more color during the winter when I am a ghost.


This highlight is so transparent and glowy. It makes me feel like a queen. A little goes a long way, so be careful to not put too much on your brush, unless looking like a shinny unicorn is your thing. If I use a little, it gives me a soft glow that I love


I cannot say enough about this mascara. It reminds me of the Better Than Sex Mascara, but half the price. The wand it shaped a lot like it and so is the packaging. However, I might argue that this one is better. The wand has a curve in the middle, making for fuller, more doll-like lashes. It goes on so beautifully and does not clump or get runny.


I am against spending more than $20 on a eye shadow pallet that you will probably only wear like two out of the 15 colors. I am not a huge eye shadow girl. I like to just keep it simple with my warm colors and light pinks. So with that being said, this is the pallet for me. It has options, but not too many for me to get overwhelmed. I think this is a great buy, and the swatches are so so pretty. They also carry other pallets for cooler tones, and plenty of others.

I have yet to find a good lip stick and eyebrow filler, so please comment your favorites below!! Thank you for stopping by! I hope some of these products tickled your fancy and you found this somewhat helpful.

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