Where the heck have I been???

I am so utterly disappointed in my recent MIA. I feel like it has been FOREVER since I have done a blog post. Which it has. I really just wanted to make a post about why I have not made a post, if that makes sense??

The goal of this blog was to give myself a healthy outlet to express my love for travel, fashion, beauty, and most of all, self-care. I learned the hard way, that self-care was something that I was not so great at… and actually learned to practice it during my absence.

If any of y’all really know me, you know that I am a college student, who is super stressed out all the time, working, traveling for my internship, and preparing for adult hood in like… three months. Goodness. So I think I ended up putting this blog on the back burner.

I ran out of motivation, and made it into more of a chore than a hobby, and that was not what I wanted at all. I feel like I failed in a way. Being so excited to start this journey, making efforts to make something great, but ended up flopping.

I should not say it is a flop though. And I learned a lot about myself these passed few months that I have been MIA. I learned how to REALLY practice self-care.

A few weeks ago, an important mentor in my life said something that struck me. “Self-care if more than just using a face mask and taking bubble baths.” This could not be any more TRUE. I learned that self-care can be shutting down sometimes. Not in a bad way, but just giving yourself space and doing what you got to do and then coming back to it when you are ready. I stopped worrying about planning out my next outfit, buying too much clothing, and just focused on whatever I needed to do at the time. And my body and my bank account thanked me.

So, if I am being honest, sometimes I get super discouraged and think that no one really cares what I have to blog about, I do not have enough followers on here or on my Instagram, and I will never be one of those bloggers who inspired me to do this. I am right. IF I keep telling myself that, I certainly will not reach any of my goals. If I just sit here and give up, of course, I will never be successful. You get out what you put in, and that is with anything in life. Truthfully, I started blogging for myself and sharing words with my friends, and I do not want to loose the meaning of that. It is okay that I am not a big shot bloggers. I am who I am, and as long as I am enjoying myself, oh well right?

I saw a post on Facebook that really changed my perspective. Sometimes a little inspirational quote is all you need. I shared the whole thing with you guys at the end of this post, because I think many of you can also benefit from this. The message was saying that you might not think your words matter to many but certainly someone, even if it is just one, thought of what you said, or wrote, and it made an impact on them. Someone might remember a joke you told them and they are laughing about it right now on a bus somewhere. “Your fingerprints can’t be wiped away from the little marks of kindness that you’ve left behind”.

Even if just one of you out there is enjoying this blog, I am darn happy about it.

Thank you guys for your support, and reading my thoughts. I feel a lot better after writing this. I promise you will hear more from me soon.

8 thoughts on “Where the heck have I been???

  1. I really loved your latest blog and so glad to see you are back! I just loved that inspirational message that it made me shed some tears because it is very true about how a person touches your life in a very special way and I couldn’t agree more. Your Mom.

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