Tampa Bay, Florida

Wow, I am just now getting to posting pictures from my spring break trip to Tampa Bay, Florida. Good Lord, life hits you like a bus sometimes. My face has been behind a computer for the past three months, finishing up my last classes in college EVER, applying for big girl jobs, and working on projects for my work and internship. I needed this little get-away to just get AWAY from it all.

I have been lucky to travel to Mexico, Hawaii, Panama City, Miami, Clear Water Beach, and California recently. I would have to say though, that Clear Water/Tampa Bay was one of my favorite places to visit. It is a short flight away, and still in the country, but south enough to visit during March and its in the 80s. We had perfect weather.

If you are visiting, I would recommend staying as close as you can to the beach, and if you want the spring break experience, stay on south beach. If you are looking for a quiet and more private stay, stay on north beach.

Also, go out on a boat! We did the Tropics Sunset cruise and it was spectacular. Endless beer, too! My advice to everyone is to lather up the sunscreen because I am STILL recovering from a bad burn and now it is peeling (gross).

Also a thanks to Melissa, Shannon, and Erika for being fantastic spring break buddies!

6 thoughts on “Tampa Bay, Florida

  1. I was so thrilled to see your spring break pictures! You look great and so do your friends and you all had an awesome time!! Love, just your Mom

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